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Hey there,

Now that I’ve given a bit of a brief update on my crazy busy last couple of months, I want to tell you, more in detail, about what is going on in our lives as well as more about Ethan and what he is doing with Overland.

So, Ethan is on the expedition coordinating team. That team helps to organize mission trips in the way of travel and logistics. He has also taken on more responsibility by joining the Ministry Partner Development team (MPD). In short, he will be focused on the people who are in the fundraising season on their way going onto the field full-time with Overland. This means he will be coaching people on fundraising and just loving on them. He also has the opportunity to travel to Zambia and visit the Rapid-14 base in November. He will help assist in teaching the group of new missionaries joining the Overland team from the Fall 2023 Advanced Missions Training (AMT) class on the transition into full-time missions. I feel like he is completely where the Lord wants him to be. He has such a big heart for people and knows how to love them, uplift, and champion them in the most special ways. It’s just such a wonderful position for him to walk into and I love seeing him in it.

As far as an update on what I am up to-- I am heading up project management for the media department. This means I am still heading up coordinating video projects and assisting in all conference media and footage that's needed yearly. Because we have bases in a lot of countries, it just requires a lot of planning. There is so much going on! The Lord is just working and we can't keep up with documenting it! Haha. We are hard at work praying for more team members to join my department. I am confident that the Lord has lined up the exact people he wants to join us and I can't wait to meet them.

Next year is Overland’s 25th Anniversary so we are trying to go big for the conference in the video department. We have roughly 13 videos on the list to film this year. Most of them are to be filmed in Zambia, one in Angola, one in Cambodia, and a possible video in Brazil. It’s honestly so exciting. I can't express my aggressive excitement properly but it's there, I promise.

This year, I will most likely go to Zambia and Cambodia. We are still in the beginning works of everything, so no flights have been booked officially but those are the two trips I can confidently speak about. This year is so going to be full of adventures with the Lord, and I am beyond grateful to be walking into it married. I feel like Ethan and I can take on anything together. It’s beautiful how the Lord designed marriage in that way.

Anyways, thank you so much to everyone who has been praying for us and championing us. I couldn’t feel more humbled to have such a wonderful team backing us on all fronts.

If you have any questions or have a heart to give and/or partner with us, please feel free to reach out, we'd love to meet with you!



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