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Hey there,

We are Ethan and Victoria Zink, full-time missionaries with Overland Missions.
Overland Mission's main goal and heart is to minister to neglected people groups in the hardest-to-reach areas of the world. We are in the operations department, in the reconnaissance division, which means that we will be doing pioneering trips, with strategy in mind, in order to establish how to do ministry in new areas and countries that Overland Missions has not yet been fully established in. This means that we will be cultivating relationships with local government and other existing ministries. In our time spent, we will also discover the practicalities of what it looks like to be on the ground in these areas long-term. From water access, to work visas, to language learning, we will be the first "boots on the ground" to establish a base-line for those on our team committing their lives to these nations. 

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