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The final everything before we leave

Hello hello, Victoria here,

We hit the ground running the past few months as we transitioned out of the WHQ and into our time of building a larger team of partners on our prayer and financial team for this upcoming transition into going overseas to Africa full-time. It has been so beyond fruitful in more ways than one!


In February we were able to meet with so many of our friends, family, and partners down in the Bradenton and Sarasota area. During this time, we also welcomed a lot of new partners onto our team! If that’s you reading this now, thank you so much for trusting the Lord with your finances and sowing into our ministry. We couldn’t do it without your obedience and faithfulness.


The beginning of March was very similar to February in that we had time with all the people we love, old and new faces. Halfway through March, we embarked on a road trip up the east coast. We stopped in SC, NC, PA, NH, NY, and GA. We were on the road for about five weeks. Every single stop was a blessing beyond belief to stay with family or friends. The whole intent of this trip was to have Ethan get to know my side of the family better, since they’re all spread out in different states, create new relationships with partners, and also meet with some of our faithful partners up in the North that we either haven’t seen in ages or have never had a chance to talk with in person.

Sadly we didn't get nearly enough pictures with everyone but here's what we've got:

Many of you know that our monthly budget has risen a substantial amount in comparison to what it was before and that we were also fundraising for a vehicle. It’s so exciting to announce that our vehicle is FULLY FUNDED! Thank you to everyone who sowed into our vehicle fund! A total of $25,000 was raised which is actually $5,000 more than what we thought we needed but the Father knows better! The vehicle we need in order to fulfill the role the Lord has placed us in is that exact amount.


We’re currently sorting out some logistics to prepare for going overseas soon. Some of those things include buying gear, deciding what to pack or not to pack, gathering the documents needed for our work visa in Zambia, and figuring out our timeline to fly into South Africa to purchase our car. Everything must be timed so perfectly with the visa and vehicle that we need to prepare in advance for all of that. But once we hit our fully funded goal of monthly partners, we will book our flights and head out! We would love your prayers over the last part of our time in the States.


As of right now, we are back in Jacksonville focusing on building our team of monthly and annual partners. If you are already on our team please consider praying about increasing your monthly giving amount to help us meet our financial goal. If you don't already support us but are interested, we would love to meet with you and have you join our team!

Overall if you would like to meet up with us to catch us before we leave, feel free to reach out! You can generally reach us by email, Facebook, or text! We’d love to see ya. We won’t be back in the States til late 2026 so this is a good time to see our faces again before we’re gone for a while.


With love,


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I'm so happy for you guys! Love you with my whole heart.

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