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Updated: May 26, 2022

Good evening, friends!

I have a lot to catch you all up on! February was an amazing month of spending time with friends and doing some creative work to praise God. I flew up to Illinois to assist in the recording of a worship album that Overland Missions Music has been working on. The album is full of songs that have been written over the last few years around the world. While we recorded these songs for the album, the media team and I recorded videos for them as well. It was a beautiful process of using our technological experience and passion to assist in the creation of a project of praise to the Lord. I will never stop feeling so absolutely spoiled and loved by God. The fact that I can use my creative and technical skills for the Kingdom just means so much to me.

- here is a little behind the scenes video of one of our days of recording -

A few years ago, the Lord had me walk away from my full-time job in live music production as an audio engineer. I gave it up as an act of obedience and in result was seeking the Lord more deeply. That season of walking away was a time of giving up all the things that I thought brought me worth. Sometimes we can fall into a state of feeling slightly worthless if we aren’t being used in what our opinion of usefulness is. This worth can commonly be placed in our abilities. But, at the end of the day the Lord just wants to love on us and get us to understand our worth to Him. The result of walking away from my career in obedience was that my identity fell in to understanding of God’s view of me. He helped me firmly grasp my identity in Him and taught me so much. Spending that time with Jesus was worth more than anything. Now, almost three years since I walked away from my job, He has me right back in something I love so dearly. My focus has shifted though. My heart behind telling stories and running technology isn’t pushed forward by an expectation of perfection anymore. It’s spurred on by showing what the Lord is doing and to honor Him through it. So, to say that this project was special to me is an extreme understatement. This project has just felt like my heart for the Lord being spoken through a camera and the work of my hands. I feel so blessed to have been a part of it. This is just the first step into where God has called me, and I am so happy just resting in His peace.

As far as fundraising and accident recovery is going here is a little update!

Fundraising: I am about 50% funded in my monthly budget! AMAZING! The Lord sure does work quickly. Thank you to all my monthly partners for joining my team! I have also received many generous and jaw dropping one-time gifts. If you were a one-time giver—thank you so much! All those one-time gifts go to different camera gear I need to buy, travel costs and just random unexpected costs that could occur overseas. I say this all the time, but I have just been so humbled. When the Lord calls you somewhere, He really supplies what is needed. I am just so thankful for the team that is being built here. The Lord will be blessing you all so much more than you can expect. Buckle up.

Accident Recovery: I had an appointment today with a doctor that is a specialist in chiropractic work but has a focus on trauma related issues. The appointment went so well when we looked over my spinal x-rays from last Friday and I am being placed in a three-month rehabilitation plan. I will be going to the office three times per week for adjustments, exercises, and check-ups as we closely monitor my spine. Although I would love to just be jumping right onto a flight to somewhere in the world into international missions work, I need to also ensure that I am physically at my best to be prepared for the rest of my life. After three months of this treatment, we will reassess to see if I need more extensive work or if I am good to go. I am believing in a continuation of the Lord’s supernatural healing power to take place during this process. Anyways, I am so excited to just continue to walk out this healing journey. The Lord has really blessed me and continues to build the testimony of my life in such beautiful ways. I see this process as nothing less than a miracle.

Thank you for reading my words here. I love you all! If you have it on your heart to partner with me in prayer and finance, feel free to reach out. Don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you might have as well!

With love,

Victoria Anderson

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